March Intentions

new moon, new month, new beginnings, i didn't set any intentions for February and I honestly felt the difference. Setting intention makes me feel more focused, more aware of what I want to bring into my life, what I want to make time for, what I want to work on personally, etc. so with that, [...]

Yin Yoga

Last weekend I took a Yin Yoga Teacher Training. I have so much to write about this this training and my experience with it, but wanted to dive in on some Yin Yoga 101 first. So much of this was new knowledge to me and has provided new depth to my yoga practice, that I [...]


With Thanksgiving coming up fast & feeling the holiday spirit, it seemed timely to reflect on gratitude. “[through] acknowledging abundance (aparigraha) we recognize the blessings in everything and gain insights into the purpose for our wordly existence,” - translation of the Yoga Sutra by Nischala Joy Devi Aparigraha is normally interpreted as “non-attachment” or “non-greed”, [...]