March Intentions

March Intentions

new moon, new month, new beginnings, i didn't set any intentions for February and I honestly felt the difference. Setting intention makes me feel more focused, more aware of what I want to bring into my life, what I want to make time for, what I want to work on personally, etc. so with that, [...]

Matcha Craze

If you’re not overly familiar with it already, matcha is the new thing. The green drink is sweeping the social media sphere. My first experience with matcha wasn’t the most pleasing. I had what technically was an iced matcha latte but really was green powder blended with water. I have really come around to matcha [...]


I have been fully intrigued by cupping for the longest time but always slightly nervous to go, intimidated by the marks it left and unsure of if it really was all it was cracked up to be. What finally got me to go was a spot in my low back that felt hard as a [...]