Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Recap

I had all intentions of writing this ASAP after a mini trip to Joshua Tree a few weekends ago. But then life happens, things get pushed to the back burner, and here we are. As I just started a new job, I am pretty limited on vacation days, so Alex and I took advantage of the long weekend for President’s Day to take a quick trip up to Joshua Tree. From San Diego it’s about a three-hour drive, so very do able for a weekend. I was teaching a class Saturday, so we left early Sunday, came back Monday and the drive still wasn’t bad.

Joshua Tree National Park

There is a small town that has been built up around the park, but for the most part the park is in the middle of nowhere. The park itself has no wifi (love it) which makes it the perfect place to disconnect, go off the grid for a bit, and just enough the scenery around you. For any trip Alex and I make that is nature oriented, I love to leave my phone behind as much as possible or leave it on airplane mode. Between being out in nature and away from all other distractions, it makes the trip extra relaxing.

Joshua Tree is popular among both hikers and climbers. Although we aren’t climbers and did not do any climbing while there, it is always fun to see people scaling up the rocks. The first day we explored around the park, walked the Willow Hole and Split Rock trails, and scrambled over rocks. We may have done another trail but my memory is failing me here. Wanting to get back to our Air Bnb before sunset, we called it a day after that. The house we stayed at was so impeccably put together; the owners had clearly put significant effort both in renovating the home, but also adding personal touches like essential oils in the bathroom, chocolates for each guest, lots of cozy blankets, etc. It was the perfect zen spot.

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sunset outside our air bnb

At the Air Bnb, I rolled out my mat for some easy flows, snapped a few pictures at sunset, and then popped my feet up with a glass of wine and a bowl of vegan chili 🙂 After the sky got nice and dark, we went outside to stargaze. Being far away from any city lights makes an incredible difference. The entire sky was lit up with a million shining specks. If you are into star gazing, I highly recommend the “Sky Guide” app. You hold the phone up to the sky and it will tell you which constellations you are looking at – so cool!

We woke up well before the sun Monday as we wanted to catch sunrise at the Cholla Cactus gardens. It took us a bit longer than expected to weave our way through the entire park, but we caught sunrise as we drove and made it to the gardens as soft beams of light were just beginning to come through.

Cholla Cactus Garden @ sunrise

After that, we went back to Skull Rock. There were way too many people there the day before and I prefer to be out in nature with as few humans as possible 😉 We had all intentions of hiking Ryan Mountain, but I had greatly underestimated how cold it was going to be and the wind was STRONG, so we opted for one of the easy loops. This ended up being a very good call as shortly after we finished, dark clouds rolled in and it hailed. Yup, hail in a desert. Given the weather, we opted for brunch instead of anymore hiking and then made our way back to San Diego.

Me @ Skull Rock

I cannot stress enough how much putting my phone away for this trip made it feel so rejuvenating and like a much longer getaway than just an overnight trip. Whether it’s on vacation, for a day over the weekend, or past a certain hour each night, I am trying to more consciously spend time disconnected from technology and connected to the present moment and those around me.


xo, Julia

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