Intention Setting

Setting an Intention: 

In light of hosting #trueexpressions, a yoga challenge focused on pairing a mantra or intention with a pose (check it out!, I thought I would write a little bit more about setting an intention for your practice, why I love intentions, and how to create your own. 

Intentions, or Sankalpa, help to guide your practice, or to set your mind on where you want your awareness to go. Intentions can be as a simple as a short phrase; they do not need to get complicated! I find that simplifying my intention to one to two phrases works best for me, even if the thought process behind the intention is more complex 😉 Play around with it, see what works for you.

At the beginning of your practice, come to your breath first. Once you feel connected to it, begin to turn inwards, what do you want to cultivate in your life? Is there a quote that has resonated with you lately? Is there a person you want to dedicate your practice to? Is there something specific you want to bring into your life? The intention can be whatever speaks to you; it is yours. Throughout your practice, offer yourself space to pause and return to this intention. At the end of practice, following savasana, return again. Does your intention resonate with you more strongly after your practice? Did setting an intention change your practice, physically, spiritually or emotionally for you?

If you’re loving intention setting, remember yoga does not stop at your mat’s edges, carry it with you into the rest of your day / week / year. 

Stuck on an intention? Some examples to get you going. For more, follow along or join the #trueexpression challenge!

  1. I am grateful.
  2. I am enough. As I am here today on my mat, is enough. I am whole.
  3. I have an open heart. I am open to be loved. I send love out to those around me.

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